McLean County


Property owners who are dissatisfied with their valuation may appeal their valuation. There are several options available to do that.

The most simple method of appealing a valuation is to call our office and visit with us about the valuation. It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide information to justify their difference in opinion of value. If they still do not agree, the next step is the appeal process.

Property owners may appeal their valuation before the current year value is certified by the Boards of Equalization. These meetings are as follows:

The property owner has to appear in sequence to the Township, City, and County Boards of Equalization in order to be heard by the State Board of Equalization.

If a value has been certified, the formal appeal is used. An abatement can be filed no later than November 1st of the year following the year the property tax becomes delinquent. For example, the 2006 property tax would become delinquent in 2007, so you would have until November 1, 2008 to file for the 2006 assessment.